How to find the best at-home water filtration system for you! A comprehensive review of the ZIP Zero Installation Water Purifier from Puricom (Part 1). In this video I cover the different types of water filters on the market and which water filter was best for my lifestyle. I also discuss the benefits of having a reverse osmosis purification system and why finding a portable countertop unit was so important to me. For More Information or To Purchase the ZIP Water Filter, visit Get 10% OFF Your ZIP Water Filter With This Code: Why I LOVE the ZIP RO Water Filter: • Requires zero installation (literally take it out of the box, plug it in, fill container with water and push the big button on the front) • Portable/Countertop Unit- great for renters like us or people on the go who do not want to permanently install an expensive water purifier system to a place they will not be staying at. • Reverse Osmosis technology which is the same process used by most of the expensive bottled water brands we used to purchase from • The only RO system [I was able to find] that has a post-filter mineralization process that automatically reintroduces minerals back into the water which also alkalizes it. 👌🏼 • Very sleek and looks nice (this is more personal preference but I love the look of this machine) *DISCLAIMER: This video is in collaboration with Puricom. I was sent the ZIP Water Filter in exchange for an honest review. However, all opinions are entirely my own.


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